Park Ave Sober Living

Patterson Park Sober Living

Patterson Park Sober Living offers 2 homes in the West End of Richmond, Virginia. We are located in safe neighborhoods and are within walking distance to GRTC bus lines and shopping centers. We offer double rooms for $118.75/week and single rooms for $137.50/week. All tenants are encouraged to be involved in there recovery by attending 12 step meetings or some sort of meeting based recovery. Our homes are big, clean, and comfortable. All rooms are fully furnished with plenty of storage space. Wifi, cable, water, electricity, and trash are all included in weekly rent. All tenants are encouraged to put their recovery first. However, we do need to learn responsibility so all are encouraged to work, save money, and pay bills on time. A $200.00 deposit plus 1 weeks rent are required at time of move-in. 

To schedule an interview or to learn more regarding our houses please contact us at 804-281-7838 or 804-750-1874.